What We See

Most of the world is in the middle of a housing crisis.4 There are many places where there are not enough homes for people who need them, where most people cannot afford much more than a modest place to live. In North America, the cost of homes is increasing 5 faster than family incomes.6 Even in the United States, where hundreds of thousands of houses sit empty across the country,7 homes in most areas cost too much and are often poorly built.

With the world’s population continuing to grow,8,9 the need for affordable and sustainable housing is a critical component10 for supporting a clean and renewable future. CruxHomes is positioned to be a provider of new, sustainable homes, where each build will leave a smaller environmental footprint. Sustainable, beautiful, durable, efficient and affordable, that is the CruxHome vision for the future of housing.

While CruxHomes is focused on building passive homes, we are also looking to developers, entrepreneurs, financiers and non-profit organizations to help support our efforts to provide ecologically sound homes to people that don’t yet live in sustainable housing.

The key benefits of a CruxHome include:

  • Faster construction time
  • 30% lower building cost
  • 80% reduction in heating and cooling costs

Places where CruxHomes can show tremendous value are:

  • New residential developments
  • Building where utilities may be not be fully integrated
  • Rebuilds after floods, hurricanes, tornadoes or other catastrophic events
  • Native American Reservations
  • Inner-city Revitalization

Investment and Savings 

An investment in a CruxHome provides savings that continues to grow year after year. Take a look at how a CruxHome provides real economic advantages over other traditional home building options.*

Average cost of a new home: $341,700
U.S. Census Bureau Page 10 – Median and Average Sales Prices of New Homes Sold in United States (2016)11

Lincoln Institute of Land – Land and Property Values in the U.S.:

CruxHomes Average Price of Land Calculations Here:

Average size of a new home: 2640 Square Feet
U.S. Census Bureau Page 16  – Median and Average Square Feet of Floor Area in New Single-Family Houses Completed (2016)14

Parameters Traditional Home CruxHome Difference %
Average New Home Price (Including Land) $341,700.00 $270,202.80 $71,497.20
Average Price of Land $103,376.00 $103,376.00 $0.00
New Home Price (Excluding Land) $238,324.00 $166,826.80 $71,497.20 30%
Average New Single Family Home Size (Square Feet) 2,640 2,640 0 0%
Calculated Price Per Square Foot $90.27 $63.19 $27.08 30%
Down Payment (5%) $17,085.00 $13,510.14 $3,574.86 21%
Total Interest Paid at 5% Interest (30 year) $302,722.26 $239,380.75 $63,341.51 21%
Monthly Mortgage 5% Interest (30 year) $1,742.60 $1,377.98 $364.62 21%
Average Heating and Cooling Cost per Month** $88.00 $17.60 $70.40 80%
Mortgage and Utility Costs per Month $1,830.60 $1,395.58 $435.02 24%

*Above figures reflect the average census home cost and size compared to estimated building costs. Property tax, closing costs, or other incidental costs not included.
** Data taken from Energy.gov.15  Assumes no cost increase for utilities.

Construction Savings with a CruxHome – $71,497.20 (30% Savings)

Monthly Energy Savings with a CruxHome – $70.40 (80% Savings)

Monthly Mortgage and Energy Savings with a CruxHome – $435.02 (24% Savings)

Yearly Savings with a CruxHome – $5220.24 (24% Savings)

30 Year Total Savings with a CruxHome – $163,757.57 (24% Savings)


Almost enough to buy another CruxHome!